Throw Back Thursday fashion Photo

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  by Cedric Haymon

Throw Back Thursday fashion Photo

Image for a creative fashion photo shoot I did with an independent artist in 2010. At times I like to shoot a thousand pictures and pick the one that feels like a magazine cover or a poster shot. Classic images last forever. Photo by Cedric Haymon artist MJ The Great

  • Mugabi Jafari

    You guys have serious shots, that’s an awesome photo shoot, well when you say you need to take lots of pictures and pick the best, you really got the point, most shooters tend to be stingy, they only take just a couple of pictures then start hustling on picking the best because they have limited options, but this is a seriously good one.

    • Cedric Haymon

      Thank you. I enjoy being able to look at a photo I shot 7 years ago that is still relevant today. 

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