Event Photo- Spazzmatics

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  by Cedric Haymon

Event Photo- Spazzmatics

Photo from live performance by the Spazzmatics at The Rockhouse Bar and Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada. Quality photos of your live event are the best way to let fans share their experience and show the world what they missed out on.


  • Arta

    What a nice photo. It is obvious you have everything under control – the photo seems so alive and creates a feeling of participating the event. Very professional.
    I couldn’t find any information on your About me page. What kind of events are you specialized photographing at? Do you also photograph weddings?

    • Cedric Haymon

      Just updated about me section. I enjoy doing weddings, festivals and music events. I don’t specialize in any type of shoots I just try to bring my style and eye to capture the moment anywhere I am. If I had to pick a genre I’d say I specialize in life style photography.

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