All of a Sutton

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  by Cedric Haymon

All of a Sutton

Photo of Las Vegas female MC and vocalist Sutton. Some music artist are easy to shoot because they enjoy the process and are willing to take the time to get the perfect shot. Sutton is one of them. Looking at this picture it’s easy to tell why music and fashion go hand in hand.

  • Max

    That picture got me to definitely click on the site. Sutton is sexy…she and Iggy Azalea look alike. That leopard skin looks great on her… make me feel some kind of way. Im have to look her up because I haven’t been keeping up with music. I actually looked into becoming involved in the music/model industry.

    • Cedric Haymon

      She’s an artist out of Las Vegas. Definitely worth checking out. She has some videos on

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